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Wednesday, October 24, at 9 a.m.
Somers Middle School
Call Ernie DelNegro at 914.276.2187 to reserve your spot

Hello to All,

As you know, we have an Intergenerational Committee but until now activity has been limited. I am delighted to inform you that as a follow up to our very exciting and successful Franc D’Ambrosio concert last year at the Somers Middle School (SMS), we are now in a planning phase with the leadership and faculty of the SMS to develop some intergenerational programs and activities. The first program will be the return of Swapping Stories. A brief description of the program follows:

What is Swapping Stories?

It is an intergenerational, oral history and storytelling project that was created by Judy Thibault Klevins. This program gives adults and children an opportunity to exchange a childhood story and honor each other’s story by retelling it as it if happened to them. 

What happens?  Participants are asked to attend a one hour training session prior to Swapping Stories. Adults and children are trained separately.  The session will focus on how to storyboard a two minute story and how to use inflection, gestures, and emotion to make a story more interesting.  It’s helpful for participants to practice and know the protocol of the program.

On Swapping Stories day, each adult is paired with a student who will be his/her storytelling partner.  First, the adult tells a 2 minute childhood story and his/her partner listens carefully and might take a few notes.  Then they switch and the student tells the adult a story.  Finally, all the participants come together as a group and each person stands up and tells their partner’s story as if it happened to them.

Our goal is simply to celebrate the rich histories of seniors and develop links between them and our students that transcend age, gender and heritage. 

 This coming Wednesday, October 24, there will be a video presentation and discussion about the program and an opportunity for anyone interested to become a participant. The meeting will take place in the Somers Middle School Library at 9:00AM. SMS is located at 250 Route 202.Register at the main entrance. If you do wish to attend please call Ernie DelNegro at 914.276.2187. She will manage attendance. We are all looking forward to a very worthwhile and fun filled experience. Thank you.


Ernie Osborne