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Prediction of storm with high winds and a great deal of rain beginning Sunday, October 28 through Wednesday, October 31

BE PREPARED - We may have electrical outages and flooding.

Listen to TV & Radio broadcasts of this impending storm and what to do in case of outages.

Be sure you are listed with the Town's Code Red information network to hear if the shelter is open, where to get dry ice, etc.  If you are not already in this network call the Town at 277-3637 to apply.

If you are in need of emergency assistance due to a disability make sure you are signed up with Westchester County's emergency information program call 231-1850

Be sure your cell phone is fully charged
Have flashlights, portable radio with extra batteries at the ready
Have adequate supply of food, water and medications
Have a GO bag in case you must evacuate (Include important papers, change of clothing, flashlight, first aid kit, cash, credit cards, checkbook, medical insurance card, etc)